Here at Fern & Fountain, we're not just delivering photography & videography. We're delivering emotion. We're giving you memories in a tangible form. We're giving you a path back to your intimate moments so you can relive them when you need to most. A good photo or video is intimate, and a stranger can't capture intimacy in their photos and films on demand.

So we want to get to know you, and we want you to get to know us.

We want to learn your sense of humor, your quirky interests, your family members, and what you've been through as a couple. We want to get to know you on an emotional level because once we do, we can set up a comfortable space for your chemistry to shine through the pressures and schedules and to-do lists of a wedding day.

We can set up a moment of pause, a safe space for you to be husband and wife and stand still for a moment in the day you've been dreaming of. We can draw on the powerful connection and romance you have as a couple and translate that history and connection into an image so you can revisit the important moments in your life.

We love making friends with clients. We love going on double dates, learning new things, celebrating their life milestones. We get connected to our clients because we're entering their emotional day and capturing their memories. So consider this our introduction- we hope this is the beginning of a friendship! After you read all this, drop a line and say hey! We'd love to chat about your wedding and relationship!

Our Wedding/Elopement back in 2017

We met in a library in 2015 and after Emily finally agreed to go on a rainy October date with Zach, we never stopped dating. Eventually Zach brought Emily on a photo-scavenger hunt that ended with a ring and several months later we had a tiny wedding on the Chesapeake river in a rose garden. These are some of our favorite photos from our wedding day. Our wedding photos impact us every day.

Meet the Team

We are Emily & Zach. Nice meet you! Emily is the lead photographer of the photo team here at Fern & Fountain, and Zach is the videographer for the wing of the business that does wedding films. We had quite different careers picked out when we met and got married - Zach was a worship leader and Emily was working at a counseling firm. But when Gabe arrived, it was no longer possible for Emily to continue working long and unpredictable hours at her job. Emily slowly started to monetize her long-standing photography hobby and shortly thereafter Zach started commandeering her camera to make short films for various companies.

Now 3 years later, Fern & Fountain has absolutely bloomed and we can't wait to work with you!


Smoke Head Shots-13.jpg

I'm a Wisconsin farmgirl and I can fix your fence, catch your horse, and spend 8 hours a day outside in any weather, any season.

I'm a licensed hairdresser and I have a counseling degree but plot twist... here I am, shooting your wedding!

I'm responsible for the joy-sparking images of life-changing moments you hang on your wall and set as your phone background. I also plan all our adventurous trips and handle most of the marketing. But most importantly, I cook quesadillas, thrift like a fiend, and try to keep my tropical plants alive.


Smoke Head Shots-12.jpg

My whole life, I've been chasing those moments that make you feel something extraordinary, something beyond your everyday experience.

For a long time, I used to create those moments through song as a professional musician. Now, I just love how video can create heart-stopping, goosebump-raising moments that you can hold on to and show your friends!

I make a lot of coffee, play indie songs on guitar, and spend wayyy too much time in the morning trying to make my hair behave.

Our little family


You probably noticed we have a kid in most of our pictures. That's our son Gabriel (born Feb 2018) and he is our director of marketing and CEO. Just kidding. He doesn't work for us, but he does live with us. He's the love of our life and the wind in our sails. We're so grateful for this lifestyle that allows us to both be creators and support this beautiful little boy.

Gabe's skills include: eyebrow dimple smiles, eating ridiculous amounts of breakfast food, and turning everything in to a fort.

He's our 24/7 model. His giggles are life-giving and he's been taking mediocre photos since he was 13 months old.