The perfect combination of short & sweet!

These are the perfect way for families and couples to sneak in a photo session when you don't really have a lot of time on your hands, but you really want to remember this phase.

Photo Session dates: Year round! Sign up to be notified of new opening dates!

Session location: Next up is Lititz, Pennsylvania. (We do sessions across the country, in Hawaii, Wisconsin, Colorado, New York, and so on. When we travel for a wedding, we'll often add in a mini session date in that area to make new friends and photograph new faces!)


Session venue: Next up is a greenhouse! After that, we will do summer mini sessions in a Brewery. We do mini sessions in cafes, at Christmas tree farms, greenhouses, flower fields, breweries, apple orchards- you name it!

Fee: Between $100-$180 depending on venue.

***Mini sessions are not available as stand-alone services. They are only available on bulk dates. For a session on a date and location of your choice, contact HERE.***


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How do mini sessions work?

So, how do I get my mini session?


You'll be receiving two of these gorgeous art deco prints with your mini session!

-You sign up for a 10-15 minutes slot at a location you like.

-What's included with the session?
You'll receive two 8x10" mounted prints of your choice, and the corresponding digitals.


-Will I be able to view the entire gallery and choose my favorites? Yes! You will choose which two mounted prints you want. Any other photos will be made available as well!

-What's available after the session? Wall prints for your home and photo album books for your heart and hands! We won't leave you with digitals to be buried on a random folder in a laptop and eventually lost. We want to treat you to printed images to decorate your home so you're actually using your pictures, not just getting them, intending to print them, but totally forgetting them and losing them in the depths of your computer.

-Do digitals come with printed products? Yes! Each printed item comes with the corresponding digital file. We advise that you order an album because it will contain every image you want from your session, and the corresponding digitals are included with every album order.  We can design you an album with the photos from your session and previous or future sessions, and you can order it straight from the album store. Shipping is our treat!

-Can I get digitals separately? We're bringing back the preciousness and nostalgia of printed images, the smell of new ink, the satiny texture of real paper under your fingertips. The information age took nostalgia straight out our hands by replacing meaningful items of sentiment with a cell phone and "selfie culture." You're investing in professional imagery of the people you love, and that's too important to let it sit around as a collection of pixels on a cell phone you won't even have next year. Your memories are too precious to be ".jpegs," lost in a folder on the laptop you use to binge Netflix. Digital images come as a complimentary gift with any printed purchase, but are not available as stand-alone purchases because your memories deserve to be displayed and appreciated as a part of your home.

This year, we're hanging your photos on your wall, and we're putting them in photo books so you can gift them or look through them all year. Don't keep your most special memories in digital form. Put them on paper and page through them.


Here at Fern & Fountain, we want to eliminate the "awkward" factor from your family photos. Stage fright is real, and we have systems to intentionally eliminate it from your photo sessions. We strategically engage children and adults to help their authentic personality come out and shine through the photos because at the end of the day, year, decade... you want to look back at these photos and remember how you felt. Family photo sessions should be a family adventure and a nostalgic Christmas joy for you and your loved ones. 

We like to hang out with our families, coach you so you look your best, but engage you as human beings- not subjects. We'll joke with you, chat about real life with you, make you feel comfortable and important as a human being. As we work with you, we'll help set you at ease and bring out your personality so your photos aren't just pretty... we want your photos to be memories of what you felt, where you were, the year that 2020 was for you. These photos are landmarks in your life and that's a serious honor.