des·ti·na·tion wed·ding 

/ˌdestəˈnāSH(ə)n/ /ˈwediNG/

A destination wedding is something you may consider if you'd like to tie the knot someplace memorable. Destination weddings are ceremonies that are hosted away from the couple's hometown and usually require travel for the wedding party and guests.

Begin your marriage in the place you love most.

We've made this guide so you can brainstorm if traveling to your dream wedding location is a good choice for you and your spouse.  You owe it to yourself to make sure you don't settle with the type of wedding you want.

Kara and Jake eloping at 9000 feet above sea level on the misty mountains in Oahu, Hawaii.
See more of this elopement here.

I don't want to get married without my family and friends present.... But I want to have an intimate and epic time in nature, alone with my fiancé. What do I do?

Introducing: The Honeymoon Adventure Portraits

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I get videography too? Possibly! We don't offer many video packages throughout the year, but we do save all our video slots for destination weddings. Check out our video page to see if this is something you're interested in and let us know so we can shoot you a quote!

  • How long does it take to get my photo album book after my wedding? We are ready to design and order your album only a few weeks after your wedding! We'd like to get it in your hands as soon as possible, so we help you place the order as soon as you are ready. As these are handcrafted, custom books made of limited supplies, they may take 4-6 weeks to be handcrafted for you. See more about our albums!

  • What is included in my destination package? Each destination wedding is different and so we offer pre-designed packages and an a la carte menu for personalization so you can get exactly what you need. We start destination weddings at 4 hours for small, self-uniting ceremonies, and have multi-day destination wedding packages as well. We are part of travel rewards programs, and we travel a lot, so there's not usually a travel charge associated with our destination wedding packages. Every Fern & Fountain Wedding or Elopement Photography client will get a photo album book that tells their story.

  • What if the weather isn’t good for the elopement? With elopements, you might have some flexibility to adjust your date a little based on the weather. But unless the weather is life-threatening, I recommend keeping your original plan because it's part of your story! Here are a few galleries from photo sessions with "bad weather" and they are stunning and full of vivacity and joy. A snowy session, and a session with a thunderstorm. Having challenging weather adds a certain thrill to your photos. 

  • Do you lodge with us? How does lodging work? Usually it's most convenient for you to just add us in to the guest block of rooms, but depending on your situation, we may have a different solution for you.

  • Do you help us to get our permits for national park kind of elopements? Absolutely! Each park, state, and country is different, and we usually go ahead and get the permits we need, communicating with you about extenuating circumstances along the way.

  • Do you help with our timelines? We usually guide couples to work without a structured timeline and just follow a natural flow of the day, but parts of the day may need to be more scheduled that others, in which case we are happy to give you our best ideas and suggestions.

  • Should I have a first look/ not first look? You know your heart, and you know what will mean the most to you, so the first step is to look within and choose what will be the fondest to you and your spouse. Any other suggestions we make will be based on seasons - landscape, timing, sunset times, weather trends, opinions on lighting ect. No wedding is the same so our suggestions to you will vary a lot from our suggestions to anyone else..

  • How many hours are included in an elopement package? Our base amount is 4 hours because you don't want to look back and wish you'd added more photos to your day, You only get one day to get married, and we don't want to snip any parts out of your sacred day. We have packages that include 2 or 3 days of photography coverage as well, so you're able to savor all your people, and all your memories, for the rest of your life.

  • Are there 2 photographers? Often! Sometimes we'll just have one, depending on what you need. Generally, the more people involved, the more likely we are to encourage bringing in a second photographer, since each and every one of those people is important to you and you've chosen them to be there with you for a reason, so you certainly want them photographed.

  • How do payments work? We have a very limited number of dates available, and once a date is opened up, it tends to be signed for within 72 hours of the interview. To sign for your date, we send you a contract, and you sign it and send a date retainer fee. Once the date retainer fee is in, we're committed to your wedding and we remove your date from our interview calendar. From there, you will default into a payment plan that breaks your total amount down over the next few months. You can read more about our payment plans on our general FAQ page.

Our destination photography service areas:

Fern & Fountain has photographed couples from Oahu to Colorado to Wisconsin, and beyond, and we are ever-expanding to new regions in Europe and South America!

We'll join you wherever you need us to be, or we're happy to help you pick your location! 

We serve in remote, natural locations that require hikes, such as waterfalls or mountains.


We also serve in urban settings or your favorite city!

sarah javier, denver


Each couple chooses their destination wedding or elopement location very intentionally, personally, and individually. Because of this, most destination weddings or elopements need a custom quote to include all their needs. 

Our general average investment for a destination elopement is $5000. Elopements start at $3400. All quotes include all travel fees as well as a gorgeous photo album book.