Q: Where can I leave reviews about Fern & Fountain?

A: Here:


Q: Will you publishing my wedding in a magazine?

A: We hope to do so, if you'd like us to. Depending on the current needs of magazines, we may try to publish your wedding in print or digital magazines, with your approval.


Q: What places is Fern & Fountain most excited to take photos in?

A: We have a bit of a bucket list, in fact. For engagement sessions, weddings, or honeymoon photos, these are the places we'd love to go badly enough that we are happy to waive many travel fees to these places! Ireland, England, Iceland, California, Hawaii, Italy, Switzerland.

Typical service area: We are based in Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania, and we photograph couples from Colorado to California to Hawaii- as well as Western Europe. We're happy to travel to wherever you require.

Q: What if we decide to change our location?

A: We can hopefully accommodate that out for you if you let us know ASAP (at least 30 days in advance!) We have commitments to clients across the globe and we need to make sure we protect our bandwidth to serve all of our clients at 100%. If travel plans would be affected by requesting schedule or staffing change, we reserve the right to deny the request. Any additional expenses as a result of requesting and approving schedule or staffing changes will result in the client being invoiced no later than two weeks past the updated change.


Q: After I sign the contract and pay the date retainer fee, what's next?

A: One of two things- either an engagement session, or I'll send you an organizational questionnaire to begin gathering information about the big day! I'll reach out periodically to check in, and I'll send you a few questionnaires before the wedding to make sure you and I stay on the same page.


Q:... And after that?

A: I'll send you tips, guides, helpful articles, album inspiration, and other miscellaneous pieces of wedding-related information that is helpful or inspiring! Over time, I'll send a few more questionnaires as well.

Q: What are the communication points after we book with you? I

A: will keep in touch with you, sharing inspiration, asking questions, and scheduling meetings! Here are just some of the topics I'll reach out to you about after you book, and before the wedding: I'll reach out to schedule your engagement session, I'll share blogs on fun sessions, I'll show you what can happen if you have a rainy wedding day, share inspiration for your album design a great album, 30 days before the wedding a questionnaire is sent, then final points are discussed for the wedding day. 

Q: What's the last meeting we have before the wedding?

A: Your "final consult" is any time between 14-30 days of the wedding. After that meeting, we finalize a number of things with our team and so we can't guarantee the ability to make changes to several things after that point: We can't alter wedding timeline/start time, location change, new travel requests, or contract items, after final consult call. We reserve the right to refuse requested service, staffing, and timeline changes if last minute changes are requested.



Q: What are the Fern & Fountain Hours?

A: Our office hours change a lot due to the nature of our job- we are in different time zones very often, we travel across the state, country, or we go to other countries for our couples regularly. We attempt to check emails on Mondays-Fridays in the afternoons, but if you don't hear from anyone during that time, it's because we're photographing a wedding/elopement, or editing a beautiful project for a client, or perhaps in a meeting. We will respond to you asap!


Q: How should I contact Fern & Fountain?

A: Through email, or a phone call! Instagram or Facebook DM's will not come to our phones. We don't receive text messages. We would definitely be excited if you sent us a homing pigeon though! So email us, or send us a homing pigeon. We keep all our client conversations in email for the sake of organization and consistency! 


Q: How do I reach you after office hours, in case of an urgent matter?

A: We keep our "urgent" line open on evenings and weekends, for clients who have their wedding in the next few days. Otherwise, if you don't have an urgent matter regarding an event in the next few days, we reserve the right to be unavailable after 4pm on M-F, and on weekends, so if it's not an urgent matter, shoot us an email!


Office hours & How to reach us: Shoot us an email! We keep our inboxes closed when we are in meetings and working on other tasks (such as editing, which is about 60% of the job, and traveling to clients, which we do frequently) in order to focus on excellence. We check out inboxes several times a week and respond to emails in the order which they are received, so thank you for your patience, as our office administration time is a very minimal part of our jobs. We reserve the right to have time off on weekends and evenings with the exception of our clients with scheduled services at those times.



Q: Will you help us with our timeline?

A: Absolutely! We want to make sure you get the most out of your investment with Fern & Fountain, so we're happy to review your timeline once you finish it! We aren't a co-ordination or planning service, so your planner or co-ordinator of course is the most qualified person to help you with wedding organization, but we'd love to see it before the wedding day.

Q: Do you want a shot or "must have photos" list?

A: Not necessary! We are obsessed in capturing the individuality of your love story and your personalities, so we're going to keep our eyes up so we don't miss a single moment! The whole reason our work is full of emotion is because it's un-posed, un-faked, an un-staged, so we're going to be fully focused YOU, so don't worry about a shot list. It would be helpful to have a family photos list, but don't worry about anything else!


Q: When do you need the questionnaires?

A: About 30 days before the wedding! It you do the questionnaires too soon, some of the information may be irrelevant. If you do them too late or don't do them at all, it requires the team to troubleshoot in the moment, and that takes us away from our jobs: focusing on you! If the questionnaires come in too late, we also can't usually pivot and make any requested service, staffing, or timeline changes. We need the questionnaires before the final consult call so we can be prepared. 

Q: What if I don't fill out the questionnaires?

A: Please do! This helps us to publish your wedding in magazines, to be organized in your files, and to get to know you even better! We need you to fill out all questionnaires 30 days prior to wedding. 

Q: My parents are paying, can they email you?

A: Yes! But they have to CC you- planning correspondence has to be sorted out exclusively through contracted client and their partner, not through a middle party, for example, planner or coordinator, maid of honor, family member, parent. We have to stick to the direction of the person on the contract, regardless of who pays.


Q: Do we need to make a timeline for you?


A: We do not require them. Weddings change so much during the day that we might only check a timeline two or three times throughout the day- especially because our job is to keep our eyes up, so we don't miss a moment!


Q: How involved are we in helping with timelines?

A: We are happy to loo your timeline over before the wedding, we'd like to see it. We reserve the right to alter wedding day timelines in order to ensure a quality end product

Q: If this is a travel-based wedding and we don’t have a wedding planner/coordinator, how involved is Fern & Fountain?

A:: I always am happy to share advice, itineraries, and general ideas, but I am honest and tell them I’m not a coordinator, so I am happy to help however I can, but I’m still only a photographer.

Q: Fern & Fountain is photographing our elopement and we don't have a planner, how much will Fern & Fountain help with our timeline and itinerary for our elopement? 

A: We're happy to help you however we can! Typically we advice to keep timelines for elopements very loose and unstructured in order to preserve the lighthearted spirit of the elopement. We're happy to throw out ideas and solutions to problems. Though we're not planners, we are both organized, and skilled problem solvers, so in a pinch we are sure to have helpful ideas. 

Q: Should I make a "must have photos list" or a "shot list" for goal photos I want taken?

A: We work without a shot list in order to protect originality and avoid copying other people's moments! We do pose and direct you both during the session or on the wedding day, but we only use that as a base for good lighting or posture. The posing is not going to look fake or sterile because we set you up in a flattering way, but after that, we're mostly focused on capturing your connection and personalities. We're always trying to grab one-in-a-million photos of YOU versus copying other people's moments- so quite honestly, we will be so busy watching you and your special moments that a "shot list" is just a distraction from the important work we're doing: focusing on YOU.


Q: What will your team need on the wedding day?

A: For starters, during the reception, we're going to need somewhere to sit and prep our gear. We use this time to check over our material, back some things up, hydrate, etc. We know people don't like to be photographed while they eat, so we will take a break during the reception to back up some data, prep our equipment for the second half of the day, as well as eat and hydrate. All Fern & Fountain staff members must be provided chairs, a table, and meals during the reception



Q: What happens after the wedding?

A: I'll need approximately 6-12 weeks to edit your gallery. I'll be designing your hard copy album during that time as well. When I'm done designing your album, I'd love to sit down with you in person (or over zoom) and customize the design together before ordering. Your album will arrive at your door, or you'll be able to come pick it up at my studio! I'll write a blog about your wedding, I'll request your words of review, and I'll potentially publish your wedding in a magazine- I'll guide you through all these things one step at a time!

Q: Will I get digital images?

A: Your fully edited high resolution images will be delivered via Pic-Time where they must be downloaded within the allotted time period, as we can't host every gallery long term due to storage limitations.

Q: What happens when I download my digital files?

A: Downloading files equals approval of final product and no alterations will be made after this point as we process a massive volume of data each day and must archive approved products in order to serve each of our clients well. 


Q: Do you have a photoshop expert, in case I want significant modifications made to images?

A: Yes! All extensive editing requests will be forwarded to our photo shop specialist and advanced editing technician for a quote, and invoice must be paid by client prior to file being delivered.


Q: Can albums be personalized?

A: Very much so! With paper type, paper edge, cover material, cover color, front cover embossing, a cameo window on the front of the album, and so much more! 


Q: Can we engraved our album with our wedding date? Can we choose the embossing color?

A: Yes, and Yes!

Q: Since each of the Fern & Fountain couples walk away with a wedding book - why should I purchase one separately?

A: For your parents, grandparents, or siblings. You can also purchase a honeymoon album and an engagement session album so you have a whole volume on your shelf. 

Q: What if I don't order my album in time?

A: That would be such a bummer! You should view your wedding photos in an album, versus on a computer. It's much more beautiful and meaningful. Album prices consistently go up due to shortages in the high quality suppliers required to make these albums, and in this case Fern & Fountain may design and deliver your album for you, in order to fulfill your contract. If you don't order your album within 12 months, Fern & Fountain may design and deliver an album with our discretion on your behalf, and if there are any outstanding fees associated with an album design, we may also follow up with an invoice. 

Q: "I made a mistake in my print or album order, what do I do?"

A: There's a chat through Pic-Time that has weekend and late night hours, they will be able to assist you best, and the most quickly.


Q: Who are our associate photographers?

A: Our associates are full time wedding professionals with adequate experience, and friends of ours. We've worked with them extensively and love their work! We do not work with associate shooters who are still gaining experience, and we do not work with photographers or videographers who are still building a portfolio. Every person with a camera at your wedding is fully qualified to do excellent work in every situation.

Q: Who edits the photos?

A: Emily handles most of the hand-editing. Other team members may help with some of the editing process on an as-needed basis, but everything is personally approved by Emily before released to the client. 

Q: Who edits the videos?

A: Our head-of-video, Zach, edits your films from start to finish.


​Q: Do you do any drone work with the videography side of the business?

A: Yes we do, just ask!


​Q: What if I want more than 10 hours for my wedding day? 

A: Then I'll stay there longer! I'lll stay until you kick me out!

Q: Can I upgrade my wedding photography collection?

A: Most likely, yes.-But be sure to let us know sooner rather than later if you wish to do so.  We can't guarantee the ability to support staffing changes on short notice.

Q: Can I downgrade my wedding photography collection?

A: Once your contract is signed, we're happy to make changes for you, but we're not able to issue a collection downgrade due to the business costs associated with your package.

Q: What happens if you get very sick before my wedding?

A: In case of sickness: We have trusted and qualified associated lined up to serve you in our place if we become suddenly unable to join you due to illness or emergency. We will make reasonable effort to help fill our shoes!

Q: What is your cancellation Policy?

A: Due to emergency or in the case where the wedding is off, we need written notice within 30 days of the event and a cancellation of service contract needs to be signed. Prior payments may be reallocated to signee if adequate notice is given, and if the date is replaced with a different contract. The date retainer fee is unfortunately nonrefundable because that portion of the contract goes towards the business costs associated with booking your date and our staff turning down other work in order to remain available for your contract even if it is cancelled.

Q: Is my date retainer fee refundable?

A: When we sign a contract with you, we turn down other work for your date, and as a result, we're not able to refund your date because dates are our inventory, and when a date is taken off our calendar, that is permanent and we are not able to replace that date with a different contract. Your date is associated with business costs that we allot to your contract in order to serve you, and we are not able to get those business costs back once they are spent, so as we aren't able to reclaim those funds, we're not able to refund them to you. In the case that you cancel your event with enough notice for us to book a different contract on your exact date, we may be able to issue partial refunds in areas outside the date retainer fee, but only if the new contract is a complete replacement of your former contract. This is very rare.

Q: Do you make custom quotes for uncommon services?

A: Of course! We're happy to help make a custom quote to best fit your needs.


Q: Do you have payment Plans?

A: Yes, we do them! We're happy to either collect payment in full or create a custom payment plan for you. Our default plan is 30% at booking, as a date retainer fee, 50% 6 months before the wedding, and the last 30% 2 months before the wedding.

Q: Can I pay in full up front?

A: Yes you can. In this case, please let us know so we can provide information for mailing a check.

Q: Do you have auto pay?

A: Yes, and you will be auto-enrolled for y our convenience. If you unenroll from autopay, your next payment is in full.

Q: What happens if I experience financial difficultly and am late on payments?
A: Please communicate with us so we can be aware of your hard time. We do implement late fees because we still need to pay our staff, and we do pause production on your photo and video until all the payment has come in, in order to most efficiently finish projects for all our clients. Please be in touch with us so we can have clear communication on it!