The Experience & Investment

From moment one, we are guiding your personalized experience. We'll connect you to trusted vendors. We'll have exclusive guides for you on everything from having stunning engagement sessions, to style guides, to planning checklists, to prepping your wedding for magazine publications.


Your wedding day photos and video are part of your story, something that you'll carry with you and cherish for the rest of your lives, and they're what you'll leave behind when you're gone.

You have just one chance to get your photos right, and we're here to make that happen so you can sit back, relax, and savor it all.

A properly guided photo-taking experience is a highlight of a wedding day! It should be one of the most tender, intimate, relaxing memories of your entire wedding. That's why we're here!

We're based in Lititz Pennsylvania, we travel along the East Coast to New York and Philadelphia, to the Midwest, and over to Colorado Springs and Steamboat, Colorado. In Europe, our favorite places are Italy, Ireland, London, and the isle of Skye. Every winter we spend time on the Hawaiian Islands. But we will travel anywhere for our couples!


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Artist's Statement

We believe that the photographer and videographer at your wedding should inspire confidence and draw out genuine moments of raw emotion and true joy while coaching you through the photography experience. You should feel confident, comfortable, and close to your loved one because that's what truly makes a photo timeless; the memory behind the image. We're here to serve you with powerful, emotional imagery so when the details are getting fuzzy, you can flip that album back open and remember how it feels again and again.


Wedding photography collections start at $4000.

Video packages start at $5000.




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Just as you’re on a search for the right photographer/videographer for your wedding, we're on the search for the right 15-18 couples to work with this year. We want to give you the best of us, so you know your wedding memories will be as unique as you are.
Please give us as much detail as possible so we know how to best serve you.