"Emily and Zach made our dream Hawaiʻi elopement a reality. There were times when I forgot we were being photographed! It felt as if we were with long time friends rather than our wedding photographers. When we received our photos I thought, “is that really us?!”. Emily and Zach captured our authentic selves and made us look great! I will cherish these photos forever."

-Dominique and Travis, Oahu


Hawai'i is known for being one of the most beautiful places in the world. It's also a place with a reputation for being overpopulated and too expensive.  Without intimate knowledge of the island and the status quo, that can be true!


Fortunately, we have very detailed and personal knowledge of the Island of O'ahu and can guide couples through the island with ease. We are especially familiar with the East and North shores of O'ahu, though each island is an equally magical place to elope.

In the winter months of each new year, we travel to Hawai'i to take clients exclusively on the Hawaiian Islands. We're happy to join you on any of the islands.


Known for our intimate images that showcase human emotion and romance in an authentic form, we guide our clients through every step of the wedding photography process for a precious experience during an important time in their lives. We create timeless imagery of meaningful moments that stand the test of time with natural colors, soft light, and personality. Featured in some of the highest wedding photography magazines internationally, we've traveled from coast to coast and across oceans for our clients. We are based near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and regularly travel to Brooklyn as well as worldwide. To learn more about the heart behind our work, view our about page.

As your Oahu destination wedding photographer, we're able to help you pick your perfect locations. There are no shortage of incredible wonders on the islands and we enjoy guiding couples from one location or island to the next.

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-Oahu & Maui wedding or elopement photographer-

 Each couple chooses their destination wedding or elopement location very intentionally, personally, and individually. Because of this, most destination weddings or elopements need a custom quote to include all their needs. 

All destination wedding or elopement packages include a gorgeous photo album book.

Visit our FAQs to learn more details! 

We receive a great number of inquiries from couples all over the world each year, but we can only work with 15-18 couples annually. Please wear your heart on your sleeve when inquiring, as we filter inquiries through interviews and sharing about your wedding and your love story will help your inquiry stand out from the rest! 

Wedding planners, please email fernandfountain@gmail.com with venue and aesthetic information about your client's wedding.