A bespoke engagement session in Cafe One Eight downtown | Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Though I am a wedding photographer, I travel to different wedding destinations for work, so I don't often have the privilege of photographing couples in my local produce section.... That produce section being Central Market, the oldest public market in the country. I live only twenty minutes from Central Market and so that's where I get my produce.

So when I have the chance to photograph a couple right here in my hometown, I am always thrilled! We have so many marvelous coffee shops and niche markets, and it's such a treat to wander with an engaged couple and photograph them enjoying my lovely town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I steered Alex and Cody towards Cafe One Eight for multiple reasons- firstly, the aesthetic is wonderful. It's wide open and has soft white walls so the ambient light is very pleasant.

Secondly, I wanted to work in that cafe because of the coffee. It's very good. It's one of the best in the city. I always advise couples to have an activity during their engagement session, so it's authentic to them. Alex and Cody are passionate coffee people- they even had a coffee pour over in place of a unity candle for their wedding!

We had a lovely surprise guest- the groom's dog, Millie! She stayed for a portion of the photo session! I always advise my couples to bring their pets to sessions if at all possible- it never disappoints!

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