A Fine Art Editorial Piece NYC + NJ Destination Wedding Photographer

One of the greatest ways to elevate your wedding is by having an excellent florist! Blooms are fragile and I've seen many fade and droop after only a few hours, or even entirely fall apart. Beautiful floristry is a mark of class and thoughtfulness- and they smell amazing.

But the floristry doesn't have to be opulent. Your floral pieces can be very simple and minimalistic as well. I always pay a lot of attention to the florals at each wedding because they are so short-lived, and my work as a wedding photographer can help them last long after they've already been withered.

Many brides opt for a "just picked" look when it comes to their floral pieces and I can certainly vouch for the elegance of a simple statement piece.

I wanted to set up a fine art scene with an Italian flavor because I've been dreaming of Italy lately and I'm planning on photographing some weddings there soon! I'd love to roam around in Lake Como or on the Amalfi Coast, spend some times in the renowned Accademia Museum, and see David's Michelangelo in Florence, Italy. But in the meantime, this Italy inspired photo series will have to do, because I've got a while yet before I head out there.

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