A modern Gatsby Wedding

"Listen, Jaime" Steve paused before he spoke the next words into his phone, words that were later to be used as the opening lines of his wedding speech. "I don't want to come across too forward, but do we want to tell our grandchildren our first date was in somewhere like Chicago, or do we want to tell them our first date was in Las Vegas?"

When Steve and Jaime decided to meet in person after feeling a mutual attraction through a dating site, the last thing they wanted was to have a "lame love story."

Steve convinced Jaime to catch a flight to Las Vegas from Texas for their first in-person date, and Steve flew in from Michigan. Jaime tells a horrifying story about technical problems on her plane, to the point where it was shaking and the pilot told the passengers to prepare for an emergency landing!

Once she arrived in Las Vegas after a frightening travel experience, Jaime realized she and Steve were essentially soulmates, so they began planning their Modern Gatsby wedding in Steve's Mansion on the Dunes of Michigan. They knew they needed a little bit of Vegas to honor their fun and unique first date, and so the wedding had notes of Las Vegas all across it!

Jaime wore a blue silk dress, which she bought personally in Dubai, and Jaime's son Rhett made her a deconstructed bow and train to fix on the dress, and on it, he took the time to embroider the different highlights of Steve and Jaime's relationship on it. Even the almost-plane crash on the way to Las Vegas was featured in the embroidery! Jaime's sons served as her bridesmaids, getting ready with her, fixing her hair, and helping her fix her dress.

Steve's outfit featured cufflinks shaped like an anatomical heart as homage to his career as a heart surgeon. Jaime had them custom made for him on Etsy.

As each woman entered the wedding, she was gifted with a bouquet to honor her friendship with the bride. There were thirty bouquets, one for each woman.

The mid-summers evening dinner in the woods was lit with thousands of twinkle lights, bistro lights, and candles. The couple hired their favorite restaurant, Houndstooth Restaurant, and their entire staff to come cook a seven course meal in their backyard forest. Steve and Jaime wanted an upscale harvest dinner table, so they rented an entire spread of wooden chairs and tables, and loaded them with floristry and greenery.

After the ceremony, as the ultimate toast to their notable first date in Las Vegas, the guests all joined Steve and Jaime for a lively game of Craps on the patio and they celebrated the newlyweds late into the night! KalHaven string quartet graced the forest and patio with ambiance until the stars were fading and the morning was coming.

Photographer: Emily Wilkerson, Fern & Fountain Wedding Photography

www.fernandfountain.com, fernandfountain@gmail.com, @fernandfountain, 715-581-7841

Co-ordinator: Emily DeRitter, The Best Day Details www.thebestdaydetails.com, info@thebestdaydetails.com, @thebestdaydetails, 716-464-0022

Florist: Amanda Rutherford, Burn’s Rent Alls https://burnsrentals.com/, amanda@burnsrentalls.com, 574-259-4807

Gown: Purchased by bride from a vintage bazaar in Dubai while on vacation in the United Arab Emirates

Music: KalHaven String Quartet, Megan or Tim,

https://www.kalhavenstrings.com/, kalhavenstrings@gmail.com, 630-640-3502

Catering: Cheyenne Galbraith, Houndstooth Restaurant,

https://www.eathoundstooth.com/, cheyennegalbraith@gmail.com, 269-252-5250

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