A Proposal in Minneapolis

One of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer is photographing a proposal. I love secrets, I love little white lies that lead to a masterful surprise, and I love watching someone be totally swept of their feet by the romance of it all!

I've had the pleasure of being the photographer for multiple proposals, several of which have been featured in magazines, and so as someone who is quite seasoned in this niche, when I say Stephanie was surprised by Kyle's proposal, I mean she was SHOCKED. The sweet thing had no idea it was coming!

She didn't see me for what seemed to be minutes, though I did rush in closer as soon as she realized she was being proposed to. I always rush in as soon as the groom takes a knee because once he's down, there's nothing in the world that will distract her from him!

We took some portraits in the apples before heading off to drink absurd amounts of tea- after all- it's Minneapolis. It's cold there!

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