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In August I start listening to Christmas Music. I know, it's a little preemptive. But is there any good music about summer? Not really. Is there any good music about fall? Definitely none at all, so if I want to listen to some "feel good" music you'd better believe I'm going to start with the classics like "Winter Wonderland" and "White Christmas"

By the way, here's what I listen to at Christmas time (Or in August... Please don't judge me.) These are just a few favorites from my Christmas playlist.

All I want for Christmas Is You (Michael Buble)

Baba Yetu (Viva Vox)

Be Born in Me (Francesca Battistelli)

Born is the King (Hillsong Worship)

Breath of Heaven (Amy Grant)

I also have a great album to recommend! Check out Jon and Valerie Guerra- It's Almost Christmas!

Here's the link to the full spotify playist if you're looking for some new Christmas music to spice up the most wonderful time of the year:

So. Now that you have awesome background music to listen to, let's talk Christmas family photos. Every year I do a massive family photos campaign because I'm a mom and I get teary when I think about twinkle lights and families and things. This year, I have a beautiful white studio set up with Christmas trees for either mini session dates, or full sessions, either for couples or families! Check out how magical these are:

This is what Charity said after working with me in the studio:

"My husband and I took photos with Emily for the Christmas mini-session, and it was so fun! The in-door location is simple, but cute. The lighting is bright and perfect. Emily gave us great ideas for poses, but also allowed us to be us! We laughed a lot during the session, which is always great. Because our location was not bothered by the weather or anybody else, the session felt relaxing. We highly recommend!"

Additionally, I've decided to eliminate the problem of handing over digital images to clients because they so often sit on your home computer, unused and unseen.

We can do so much better than that!

I've added a new service to help my clients get their photos on the wall, and in the hands of loved ones.

When I hand high resolution images to clients, there's no one to help you figure out what size prints you need, or where to get quality frames that match your furniture.

There's no one to help you design a photo album that will be hand-cut and assembled, and delivered to grandma's door as a Christmas present.

There's no one to help you avoid products that pixelate and mis-color your images.

There's no one to vet the printing lab and read the quality stats to make sure that the prints you hang on the wall don't fade after 500 hours of sun, and other small nitty-gritty quality control details like that.

So I've decided to stand in that gap! Now when you need a product for your home or as a gift, I have a long list of providers that I personally vetted so you purchase quality that lasts, each time! No more letting your images sit on your computer and eventually get deleted!

Merry Christmas, all!

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