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Backyard Boho Wedding

Updated: May 19, 2020

Remember when boho weddings started getting extremely popular? Suddenly everyone was pulling stuff out of their grandma's attic and purposefully destroying their items to get that well-loved look? That look really stuck around and has truly become timeless. Brittany is the queen of boho weddings and her backyard wedding was definitely magazine-worthy!

Brittany and Jordan got married in their backyard under a tree draped with lace and macrame, saying their vows on a rust-colored rug that would make Aladdin proud. The wedding was small & intimate, and only their closest loved ones attended.

It was the most perfect weather you could ask for! Some sun, some shade, and fresh green trees all around.

The prettiest thing about the way Brittany loves Jordan is the way she holds him with her hands. It's so graceful and tender.

Jordan has an incredibly expressive face and either uses it for adoring or hilarious expressions, especially when it comes to Brittany.

The day kicked off slowly and peacefully. Brittany planned a slow paced, relaxing day for she and her family.

The girls got ready on the porch overlooking the backyard ceremony site. Photographing the girls getting ready is always one of my highlights of the day. The room is full of giggles and snacks and a little bit of nervousness in the best way. The bride is surrounded by her best girls, her closest team, her confidants and supporters. I love watching her girls serve and love her during this morning prep time.

Green walls are a massive trend and those lovely mirrors will never go out of style. Brittany's champagne colored dress really popped against that green wall.

Brittany had gorgeous wedding shoes picked out- however, she ended up going barefoot all day!

Brittany wore rose gold jewelry that really popped against her champagne dress.

Best friend and MOH Lizzie did Brittany's hair. The flower girl watched and eventually wanted to take part in the action.

There's no more perfect sight than a little girl who thinks about her wedding day for the first time.

The mirror Brittany is doing her makeup in has scripture written on it- it's pictured in full later. I thought it was a very lovely touch.

Treat yo'self.

The color of pink was debated but they ended up choosing a shade just slightly darker than her natural color, which is typically the perfect color for lipstick.

Teamwork time. 15 minutes until the aisle!

Flower girl is ready! Bride is ready!

Mom has the finishing touches under control.

Brittany's mom has married off her five older sisters already, and Brittany is the last to fly the nest.

A quiet moment to pray together, cry off your makeup last minute, and to ask the Lord to bless the marriage of Brittany and Jordan.

Brittany scheduled the prayers she wanted to pray on her wedding day, in order to reserve time for them because they were a priority to her.

The last moment before the aisle, Brittany asked her dad to come see her and pray with her.

Note to future brides: if you want to pray with loved ones, save time before the aisle to re-do your makeup because you'll definitely cry.

Watching Jordan, the groom, get in place and get ready for her entrance.

Hold up- one last touch.

The bride is impeccable, calm, peaceful, joyful and ready to make lifelong promises.

Meanwhile, in the front yard, the guys are wrapping up their prep. Jordan's mom pinned on his silk boutonniere and showered him with kisses.

The flower girl made all the rounds to collect her kisses.

The men prayed over Jordan as a husband, a person, someday maybe a father, and as a man. It was a very moving prayer.

Jordan's closest few guys stood beside him in prayer. There were some chuckles and some tears.

Soon Jordan would put a rind on his hand that symbolizes his marriage to Brittany.

What a perfect day to get married.

Now after the prayer, Jordan is ready to head up to the aisle and await his bride.

It doesn't take much to get a hearty laugh from Jordan. He's a very jolly, amicable guy.

Just as the bride was calm and relaxed, the groom was completely even keel and enjoying his special day peacefully.

Jordan can bust out a fantastic "smoulder" when the time is right.

Everyone is ready. Time for the vows! Everyone headed to the backyard tree for the ceremony.

The flower girl was very good at her job. She sprinkled flowers intermittently and went straight from A to B. It truly was impressive, as most flower girls usually need coaxing or forget part/most of their job is to sprinkle flowers!

The ringbearer took his responsibility to tow the baby very seriously!

Here comes the bride.

In the distance, you can see cars lining the driveway to watch the wedding. The bride and I fondly have started referring to this as a "drive-through wedding" and I'll love it forever.

Prayers before the bride is handed to the groom.

The bride's parents watched the entire time, barely blinking, on the verge of tears.

The moon made an appearance and that was a lovely touch!

The groom just has to look at the bride and she almost falls over with happiness. It's adorable!

In the background, the Maid of Honor watches her best friend make lifelong promises.

Man and wife!

The couple visited the cars to thank their loved ones for coming to park and watch.

Some of the family pulled out a picnic blanket for the ceremony!

What a legendary veil.

Time for the first dance!

Off to the left, you see the Maid of Honor and her husband of three weeks. They had a small wedding much like this one only weeks before Brittany and Jordan's! What a fun season for the couples!

The flower girl also wanted to hit the dance floor.

The cake topper featured bunnies because the groom really like rabbits!

After dancing and cake the bride, groom, maid of honor and I went off for a little while to adventure through the forest for some Mr & Mrs (and MOH photo-bombing) portraits.

The bride had an extremely long veil. Her veil had already been trimmed a little bit to make the sleeves on her dress and was still long enough to wrap around her six times, as demonstrated by the Maid of Honor.

Now that we've gotten the very comical and endearing MOH and Bride photos out of the way, on to the traditional portraits of the newlyweds! We hopped in the car and went down by the forest stream.

The bride and groom are very adventurous (especially the bride) so without hesitation they jumped in the stream and walked across the tall wall.

We knocked on someone's door to ask if his land was available for portraits. He kindly guided the bride and groom into the back of his property where he had a private bridge that ran over a stream with massive boulders!

To wrap up the day, some sunset portraits!

I'll tell you what, you each are quite the catch. I have a feeling you'll never forget it.

Everyone should always have this much fun on their wedding day.

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