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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Update! We now have an adorable baby girl! Kayleigh finally came to meet her fan club on Feb 22 at 11:09am. She was 7lbs, 3 oz, and 19 1/2 inches long!

It seemed appropriate to put a crown on a princess ASAP.

My only baby is a boy, and I feel like I should feel biased that baby boys are the cutest, but when you put a tutu on a little girl, that's just really hard to beat with trucks and bugs and things.

Hang in there mommy, you will sleep again someday.

It's not a newborn session if I don't get a yawn photo.

Things that are cutest about babies: 1- very short arms. 2- pouty lips.

Isn't is amazing to know that this little baby lived inside another human being, and now she's here?

Throwback to 8 weeks ago when Kayleigh wasn't on the outside yet.

Russ mischievously gets down on his knee and complains through Megan's belly about how Megan is driving him craaaazy as a pregnant person. I don't know though- Megan makes pregnancy look really good.

Megan and Russ are expecting a baby GIRL next month. They're still newlyweds practically because they've been married a little over a year and they're really sweet when they talk about their little one.

Russ and Megan shared what they each will be good at with parenting and it was really neat to see how they didn't even need to think about each other's strengths. They knew exactly what each parent would be good at with their little girl.

Apparently Megan is going to change the first diaper but we'll check in on that later and see who actually loses the coin flip.

If Russ treats his little lady like he treats her mom, this little girl is going to be a confident little alpha-queen and we're all going to need to watch out because she'll know what she's worth and what she wants!

There were a couple thorny patches that we got wrapped up in but then I looked up and Russ and Megan were having a private little moment.

I'll be photographing this sweet little family again in a couple weeks because baby girl is coming on Feb 15! So I'll get to visit, enjoy the brand new baby squawks, and take pictures of her sweet little linty toes and tiny lips and all the tiny little fleeting baby details that are so cute it hurts!

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