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Hawaii is rightly known as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Many people head to the Hawaiian Islands to elope or get married. As a wedding photographer, I take it upon myself to find the best beaches and waterfalls in Hawaii for my clients so they can have a memorable experience.

Be aware that it's often impossible to have any privacy on a beach in Hawaii, so without an insider tip or incredibly good luck, you may have hundreds of people in the back of your wedding photos.

I personally brush people out of my wedding photos so your eye can be undistracted, but not every photographer does this, and I sometimes can't remove every person in the background. It's better to prepare in advance to find an empty beach.

You're not going to find the best empty beaches on Hawaii on a search engine because if you're finding it, everyone else is finding it.

My favorite beaches in Hawaii are the mislabeled ones, and ones you can't see from the road. Often, the gps will take you to entirely the wrong beach! Which is good news- because if you actually know where the beach is, that means everyone who doesn't know where it is will be headed to the wrong place, following the gps. They will end up on another beach and you'll get this one to yourself.

I'm not going to share my best secret beaches on Hawaii because that would be unfair to my clients, but I will share pictures from one of the most jaw-dropping beaches I have ever been to!

This pregnant bride was just the sweetest and we had a laid back portrait session on the beach at sunset!

Most people will tell you to go to the beach at sunrise for the best chance at an empty beach, but local Hawaiians all get up early so that won't really help you. Tourists get up early as well, wanting to see the sunrise. Your best bet is to find a hidden beach!

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