Blue hour engagement photo session | NYC Destination Elopement Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting Allison & Yiannis and being their photographer for a couples photo session right as the sun was going down and the evening was blue. We call this "blue hour" and I'm sure you can tell why when you see the muted lighting and overall blue hint in the photos.

We popped champagne and ate chocolate covered strawberries in celebration, and we soaked up the unusual quiet of the Philadelphia skyline.

Allison and Yiannis are adorable because they grew up just 15 minutes apart and had several mutual friends. They went to a lot of the same football games and sweet sixteen parties, but never really met until college- almost 9 years before their wedding! They enjoy cooking/baking together, taking their 4 year old mini cockapoo on walks and to the dog park, and traveling. They recently got back from their two week honeymoon in Tanzania!

Allison's dress is Ralph Lauren, originally worn in 2012 for her junior prom (of course she looks just as stunning now as she did back then! Yiannis suit is from Primark! He used to work a job that required him to be in a suit and tie everyday and he got tired of the typical suit colors very fast. They raided their closet to prepare for this rather spontaneous photo shoot, and I don't know about you, but I am getting very definite Gatsby vibes!

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