Don't forget this on your honeymoon!

The honeymoon: The part of the nuptials that couples look forward to as a reward for throwing a wedding. It's relaxing. It's private, it's intimate, there's no social pressure, and it's your reward for committing the rest of your lives to each other.

It's the most meaningful vacation of your life, and you'll look back on it for years to come!

That's why we're offering a limited number of clients the "Honeymoon Adventure Photography" experience.

We did this honeymoon adventure session on a private beach in Oahu, beside jagged mountains and along the lapping waves of the ocean.

During your honeymoon photography, we pop down to visit you for a day, or even just a half of a day, once you've found your favorite spots to relax, and we quietly, intimately document these first few days of marriage.

If you're staying in, it's the perfect way to capture that magical airbnb you booked. If you're going out, it's the perfect thing to showcase that fresh tan, all those cute outfits, and all the newlywed bliss.

Because here's the thing: The wedding was amazing, but we didn't have time to get those epic portraits, now did we? We needed to fit your portraits into the timeline of the wedding day, and we had to work with what worked for all the moving pieces of the wedding day. We stayed at the venue, your bridal party was watching, and your parents were waiting.

So we captured the amazing first kiss, the tender moments between you and your mom, the tears your dad cried, and a million other things! We of course captured your spark of romance and the way your eyes shine when you look at your brand new spouse, but photography on the wedding day isn't like your engagement session.

Remember your engagement session? It was just you two, focusing on each other, prioritizing your connection and romance, and capturing the exciting phase of engagement. That's what this is- only, it's after the wedding, and not before.

On the wedding day, there are a million things going on, and everyone's focus is on you, and your focus is on celebrating your event with your brand new spouse, hugging your relatives, cheering with your friends, communicating with your vendors... it's a splendid party but it's about so much more than you two. Of course you get lost in each other's eyes, but in the back of your mind, you have a party to get to! You have friends to hug! You have cake to eat!

That's why we like to finish off your journey as newlyweds with a private session on your honeymoon, much like your engagement session!

Another perk of the Honeymoon Adventure Sessions is that it scratches that itch for an elopement. Many couples get burned out during the wedding planning process and they think about just eloping somewhere beautiful and getting the job done! They start envisioning the epic places the could elope- the gorgeous landscapes they could be photographed on, and they don't forget that image.

But then they come back to the fact that they want their loved ones there at their wedding, of course! And they want to celebrate with their friends and be surrounded by their people!

But the good news is, you can have both. You can have the party with loved ones, and you can have the private, epic elopement in the landscape you're picturing.

To top it all off, the best part of all is, we're making you a honeymoon book! You already have an engagement book, a wedding book, and now a honeymoon book! Viewing your images on a laptop or phone is the worst possible way to hold your memories. Screens don't do your images justice at all!

Why don't I disclose my Oahu Photo Locations?

So we'll make you the same gorgeous book that we already made for your engagement and wedding, so you can hold your memories and page through. These albums are such an important part of your legacy.

Your guests will be excited to see your albums, your parents will cry when they hold them, and someday, if you are blessed with children, your kids will look through the supple pages and muse over how joyful and in love you two are!

Enjoy the rest of this honeymoon adventure photo session on the Southern Shore of Oahu!

Why don't I disclose my Hawaii Photo Locations?

"My husband and I did a photoshoot on a remote beach in Oahu, Hawaii with Fern & Fountain Photography. The weather and location was on point! Emily and her husband were super nice to us and very easy to communicate with!! Emily spent a lot of time to edit our photos as well. When I see the photos, they meals my heart.

They are so natural, touching and beautiful!!!"

Elisabeth & Brian, Oahu, Hawaii

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