What vendor should I hire first? East Coast Wedding Vendors | Boston, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, NY

"I'm engaged! What now?!?!" When you finally get a ring on that finger, it's super exciting, and you're ready to plan the best wedding ever, but sometimes you don't know where to start! I have a few different types of vendors featured in this blog to help you get started. I'm a wedding photographer, and though I regularly travel across the country for weddings, I live near Philadelphia and New York, so the East Coast is home. Usually the venue is the first wedding vendor to come on board, and the photographer is second, but the planner is also quite often the first vendor hired.

I wanted to take a moment to highlight some wedding professionals along the East Coast, from Brooklyn to Philadelphia to New Jersey. Many wedding vendors travel a significant distance to get to their client's weddings, as many vendors have distinct styles and calibers of work that are in high demand, so these vendors are spread out several hours from each other.

It's a scary thing to hire your wedding vendor team if you've never worked with them before so I wanted to make some shout outs to some vendors in my area who have made a name for themselves through excellent work and perseverance.

Many of these companies have team members I have worked with and/or are friends of mine, so I can vouch for their personalities and character as well! Some of them are just well known and highly trusted vendors as well.

First, let's chat about wedding planners. Wedding planners are a wedding photographer's best friend on the wedding day because they streamline your event so I don't lose any time solving organizational issues, and I can focus on photographing your amazing event!

Taryn Blake Events


Photo Courtesy of https://www.stephanierohrbaughphotography.com/

What I like about Taryn and her team is the fact that Taryn has a very fun website with tons of personality (and sass). Brides who want to have fun and memorable weddings should head straight to Taryn's website! Taryn's work has been released in many publications over the years and she has a variety of planning options, from full service planning to day-of organization. There are various lead planners and coordinators who work with Taryn. Lead Coordinator Risa is a friend of mine, a fantastic human, and truly artistic! Taryn and her team have styled over 500 weddings so they are experts in their craft.

Sense of Moment

Sense of Moment has carved their name out and risen to the front page of Google because of their attention to detail and their wide variety of events! Some of their events are ballrooms lit by purple floor lighting, some of their events take place in natural settings, and some of their work is with very intimate events featuring heartfelt moments. Their testimonials rave about them, and nothing is going to go missing when Sense of Moment is on the clock.


(Photo courtesy uncertain)

Mr Hospitality

Mario has a versatile set of services available- from design to catering to wedding planning, to a bar service. For the efficient couple, Mr Hospitality can help you knock out multiple wedding needs all in one sweep!


(Photo courtesy uncertain)

Next, I'm going to feature a few florists. I am a plant fanatic and so I can recognize beautiful floristry when I see it.

The Stems End


I've worked with Gail on a few projects in the past few months, and I can vouch for her versatility, imagination, and her sweet spirit. Anything a bride can dream up, Gail can do, and her flowers have a certain magical quality in their arrangements.

Ever After Floral


The first day I met Rachel, I walked into the ceremony site at Stone Gables Estate and saw this floral piece on the wall. My jaw absolutely hit the floor. Rachel told me this was a specific piece she dreamed up for this particular venue and had been patiently waiting for the right wedding to put it together. This floral piece lasted all day long and was very versatile- from being a ceremony backdrop, to gracing the sweethearts table, to the late night set up we lit with candles for some midnight kisses before the sendoff.

Next up, let's talk about videographers!

As you know, my wedding photography company also offers videography, or cinematography, but we offer on a very limited number of films so I would like to take a moment to highlight other professionals in my area who do stellar work as well.

K+A Films


(Photo courtesy of https://gabemcmullen.com/)

My personal favorites have always been K+A Films because their films are full of heart, and they're close family friends. Zach worked for that company for a time when he was just starting out in film, so we've spent a great deal of time with Kent and Ashleigh over the years.

Let's not forget DJs!

A DJ is your number one fan! They get the party started and set the guest experience. If you want a fun wedding that guests can party and truly celebrate at, finding a good DJ is going to be crucial! Mixed Up Productions


I've been to many a dance party with Mixed Up Productions. Leeroy and Mike, in particular, can really get the guests moving! They have a variety of very unique add-on services for their couples, and I've never known them to have technical issues or need to scramble. All in all, they're very organized and extremely fun! They fill natural silent pauses in very clever ways so there's no awkward silence, and they keep the fun going at a good pace all evening long.

X-Clusive Productions


Based in Brooklyn NY, X-Clusive Productions has performed on tv, and with celebrities. Their website is easy to use and their packages and features are clear, which is unfortunately not always the case for many DJ websites. They're able to create customized experiences and keep your guests happy all night long!

If I had it my way, I would tell every bride to always start with a venue or planner, then hire a photographer, and work their way down the list first. It doesn't have to be that way, but it's usually the most efficient in my opinion.

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