Easy & Elegant Wedding Invites (and change-the-dates!)

I recently ran in to a company that I felt relieved to discover. Because all too often, I see beautiful photographs printed off by a service like Shutterfly. It's really too bad- especially in my case, because my rich, bold, and bright photography style really does not print off well if you run to the nearest kiosk or .49 cent printer.

Those types of quick-print budget services are really intended for cell phone snaps from your vacay. But my color graded, high-information images just don't come out well on paper and ink from quick-print services. When you print my images out at a Target or Walgreens, or especially Shutterfly, the skin tones come out especially mottled and are usually either pink or green, just because the printers don't know how to translate my coloring.

It's important to print on quality machines with actual photo paper and consistent ink to make your prints come out well, and avoid fading. Just like my photos wouldn't come out well if I took them on a cell phone and slapped a preset on them, my prints won't come out well if I try to force a quality product out of a mediocre printer that's really made for vacay snaps on a cell.

So anyhow, that's why I'm excited about Basic Invite- because I custom design photo album books for my clients, and I have a lab that does a fantastic job handling the printing of my canvases and photos, but you know what I don't offer? Wedding invites or change-the-date templates and services. But Basic Invite has it covered.

I particularly like their seal and send wedding invitations because I don't enjoy meticulous things like stamping, gluing, or addressing. Another feature I really like is that you don't need to address envelopes because they come that way, already printed neatly! Check them out here: invites

Other things I noticed: These are super customizable, but not in a way that will let you make your invites look bad. They have guides and parameters, yet they let you personalize! They're mobile friendly and super easy to use. You can easily upload all of your wedding details, along with your photography, and even a map with directions and instructions for your guests.

There are almost 180 colors to choose from! This excited me a lot, because when something is close, but not quite close enough, it's frustrating. You can also order samples too, which is great because things look very different on a screen than they do in person.

I felt like this company really went the extra mile with including a tear-off RSVP postcard with their seal and send invites. There are over 30 designs (including foil options!!) and, like our other products, they are customizable.

The Basic Invite Website:


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