Five reasons why you need a wedding DJ

Wedding planning is chaotic, that's not a secret. But I would argue that one major way to cut down on the stress and do yourself a major organizational favor is to hire a DJ. I'm talking about a legitimate DJ with a good reputation and established business. Wedding DJs are some of the most under-appreciated staff at weddings because they're in the background solving problems that the couple and their loved ones have to worry about.

I have seven reasons why a wedding DJ is a massive stress saver and this wedding showcases the flawless work of a professional DJ flawlessly. I am so grateful to this wedding DJ for taking so many worries off the plate of so many people at this wedding. It's not just about the dance floor- it's about streamlining the entire day.

1) Organizing so you don't have to. While the bride and groom were getting ready, their loved ones had one job: to enjoy themselves.

When a bride and groom put their loved ones in charge of major responsibilities at their wedding, it means that loved one has a lot of roles: crisis management, organization, and also part-time guest. Any guest with major responsibilities isn't able to fully be a guest. They might miss important moments at a wedding because they're juggling a commitment they made.

Everyone can get ready and be fully present and soak in the day if guests and loved ones don't have to wear multiple hats.

2) Multitasking. If you hire a DJ, they will take care of the ceremony and be able to swiftly solve any problems that pop up before you know about them- all while you're getting ready and having a relaxing morning. In the back of this photo here, you see the DJ, watching and waiting to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. He's a professional so there aren't going to be microphone squeaks, issues hearing the vows, awkwardly long moments of silence, or the wrong song played. He's prepared for every scenario from poor reception to where to place a microphone.

The right song played at the right time, with no waiting or uncomfortable giggles. No one even had to think about making sure the sound quality was where it needed to be, and every single guest was able to soak in the powerful vows and the beautiful ceremony. We were on the top of a mountain for this wedding and the DJ hauled and set up all the gear and sorted out all the different issues regarding reception in a rural place.

3) Announcements. Instead of running around to announce the timeline of family photos, where to find the bar, or if there needs to be a slight schedule modification, there's a designated person with a microphone who is able to get everyone's attention very easily.

3) I'm going to say it again: Announcements. If you have a crowd, and they need to know something, having a DJ takes the guesswork out of it. Not only do they have a microphone, they also have the timeline of the day and they keep everyone on their toes. Moments like this, are more exciting when they are announced by a VIP hype-person.

4) Troubleshooting: At this wedding, the evening portraits, the bouquet toss, the couples first dance, and the sendoff, were all seamlessly switched around by the DJ to solve several small scheduling conflicts that came up on the wedding day. The bride and groom didn't know about it, and they were celebrating with their friends while the professionals made sure the party continued.

5) Hype: The bride and groom can make a list of songs they do- and don't- want to hear on their wedding day, and the DJ keeps the party steady while everyone else is celebrating. If you have a friend with Spotify be in charge of the party floor vibe, there are going to be breaks, long pauses while you wait for songs to start, and they're certain to get lost in the dance floor at some point, forgetting their responsibility as a DJ because they're trying to be a guest.

6) Vendor communication. A DJ stands by their booth with their eyes on everyone. They know where everyone is, what everyone is doing, where they went, and when they will be back. A good DJ will make sure all the other vendors are on the same page and working as a well-oiled team. In case you haven't picked up quite yet that organization is 70% of a DJ's job, now you know. They make sure that everyone is where they need to be, on time, and how to fix something if it goes wrong.

6) Stress: I'll be honest, the difference in my stress level at weddings where there is no DJ is significant. I am a lot more stressed if there's no DJ. A DJ is a valuable member of a wedding vendor team and if a team member is missing, the other vendors need to pick up the slack to make sure the wedding runs smoothly. The vendors that are usually around on the day of the wedding are the venue owner, the photographer and videographer, the caterer, and a day-of-coordinator. A DJ fills a massive hole and helps all the other wedding vendors focus on their jobs.

As a photographer- my job is to be the person who sticks close to the bride and groom, sets them at ease in front of the camera so their personality and memories are authentically and artfully documented, and keeps my eyes up for unique moments of their very special day. My job is not to fix the timeline when things slip, my job is not to make decisions about if you're cutting the cake or doing your first dance next. If I have to pause to do that, I'm not taking pictures, I'm brainstorming.

This wedding is a great example of a quick-thinking DJ who helped the bride and groom solve a very unique problem. The party was great, the dancing was stellar, and the night was getting late. The couple didn't want to have an early send-off because they wanted to keep dancing! So the DJ pulled together a mid-reception sendoff so I could photograph it for the couple on my way out, then they went back to dancing. The most amazing part of it was the efficiency- The DJ got 120 people outside, lined up in two rows, got them to light the sparklers, and sent the bride and groom down. All that took about 3 minutes. That definitely wouldn't have happened without the DJ. it would have been a clunky, 20 minute process without a professional organizer with a microphone.

At this point you're probably wondering who this fantastic DJ is: HD Entertainment, an award-winning DJ company in central PA. Heather, the owner of HD Entertainment has a headlining all-female DJ crew and her brother comes in as their assistant/in-house backup. I will never stop singing their praises.

Venue: The Historic Round Barn in Biglerville

DJ: Heather, owner of

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