If it rains on your wedding day

Updated: Feb 4

You know what a "rain check" or a "rain date" is, right? It's when people cancel plans because it's raining, and they reschedule because they don't want their plans in the rain.

Well you might be able to get a "rain date" for your engagement session, but you're not going to get one for your wedding.

But here's the thing: Everyone tries to avoid rainy photos, and so if you have rainy photos, your photos are going to be really unique simply because people automatically try to avoid rain!

But rain is a stunning, cinematic element to have in your wedding photos and video!

While rain might be inconvenient for your engagement session or wedding day, there are some definite perks to rain- here are just a few of them!

1: Overcast skies are much more dynamic in photo & video- especially photo.

2: The eye-squint factor due to the bright sun is reduced because the sun is hidden.

3: Rainy days give a healthy flush and a glowing skin tone. if you get a little shiny, that's a simple correctional edit.

4: Under-eye shadows aren't present from blazing sun and that's much more attractive.

5: Muted light gives us a lot more freedom in the artistic and special effect areas because very bright days require rather stiff settings to handle the light flooding into the lens.

6: Rain drops are sexy and you know it.

7: Water-covered surfaces are more rich and reflective so the luminance and vibrance factor is very pleasing.

I did this rainy session in a Solarium several weeks ago, and because of the rain drops and the dramatic sky (and wind!) this turned out 10x more romantic than if it would have been sunny weather.

Check it out and let me know if this changes your opinion on having a rainy engagement session or wedding day!

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