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Lakeside Elopement

One month before their wedding day, the bride called me up and asked me what I was doing on Labor Day Weekend. She had some exciting plans to invite me in on- her wedding day! Lisa and Brandon are both in medical school and when they lost their May wedding due to a certain pandemic, they looked ahead at their shift schedule and saw that on Labor day, neither of them were working. They pulled together a beautiful, intimate wedding ceremony by the shores of Grubb Lake in rural Pennsylvania. Zach filmed this wedding and I photographed it, which was so fun for us to work together, right here in our hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania!

Only their families and Zach & I were there- even the officiant was in Michigan at the time- he called in on an ipad to do the ceremony.

The ceremony was wholesome, full-hearted, and meaningful. All the extraneous details were cut to the side and only the most important things were there on that day- their closest loved ones, their promises to each other, and a dance party after they were pronounced man and wife!

When I asked Lisa what she liked best about her dress (assuming it would be the lovely details in the back) she laughed and said "oh! oh! It has pockets!"

When you got yourself a wife!

Brandon and Lisa walked out to rose petals being thrown at them, and then everyone else danced out behind them!

Behind the scenes: Taking the family photos was fun, because everybody got in on it to get baby Astrid to look at the camera!

A toast: To marriage.

The whole guest pool!

During the lakeside portrait session we were attacked with rose petals by the bridesmaids!

Sometimes the shadows are just as interesting as the subject.

As Zach and I congratulated Brandon and Lisa and headed out after the wedding, we thought back about how Brandon and Lisa were the most gentle, sweet couple. They were so tender to the people around them, and so sweet to each other. Especially looking back through the photos and video we have of them over the past few weeks- they look at each other in a very quiet, soft, and adoring way. I respect them for it. I really enjoyed our day with them!

Congratulations, Brandon & Lisa!

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