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Who made your clothes?

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

I've been really conscious lately about who I am supporting with my purchases. Am I supporting child-labor factories? Am I contributing to unethically made products? I recently decided to try to exclusively thrift, shop local, and purchase from ethical brands because I want my hard-earned money to support causes I care about.

This interest in ethical shopping brought me to Imagine Goods, a company in Lancaster, PA, that provides jobs to rescued human trafficking victims in Cambodia. https://imaginegoods.com/. I love this company! Michelle and Aiyana, co-owners, travel regularly to go to Cambodia to select fabrics for the merchandise. From there, the rescued people make the products!

In January, Imagine Goods released backpacks and onesies and I am thrilled about it!

This is me and my two-year-old son, Gabe rocking our #survivormade backpack and wristlet. I'm proud to wear these items because they stand for life and freedom.

Lately I have been branching in to some commercial work with local craftsmen and brands that make an eternal impact so this project with Imagine Goods was just exactly where I want to be! Taking gorgeous pictures of brides has a special place in my heart, but I love to consider the power a camera can have to save a life.

The messages across these onesies- "love all" and "be kind" are really good things to have on kid's onesies. It helps me to have a literal banner on my kid that reminds me to love him and be kind when he's misbehaving and my patience is thin. It also reminds me to keep my eyes up and be looking for people who need a friend.

I got my backpack dirty almost immediately but I could rub it clean very easily. The weave of the fabric is tight but the fibers are large so I would say the texture of the material is durable and sturdy, and because of that it wipes off well.

I love this matching wristlet! It's nice to have an extra little bag for extra little things. I loop it around my wrist or stick it in a pocket and either way my hands are free. I don't usually get attached to clothing items but when I go for these, I picture the survivor who made my bags. I wonder if she pictures who is supporting her by wearing the clothes she makes? #whomadeyourclothes #whomademyclothes

Gabe really likes the little wristlet because I have a "go-bag" so he needs one too. Yeah, we're adorable when we walk down the street with our matching bags.

I've been keeping my debit and gift cards in this wristlet but I'm going to need to switch some things out for less general panic when he swipes it and runs.

There are three options for backpacks and each has a really nice cinch string and metal clasp, interior pocket, and side pocket!

I picture these as excellent diaper bags, book bags, hands-free-purses, and vegetable bags for runs to #centralmarket!

If you're like me, your bag is a deep and wide chasm full of everything you need to start your own colony spontaneously. So you need a cinch string so you can open the top wide and and dig for what you need.

10/10 Love these backpacks. They're roomy and lightweight, easy to clean and comfortable to wear.

The burgundy onesie has a heart on the bum! I thought that was the best part of the entire line because nothing beats a cute baby bum. The heart is also nice because it makes the burgundy work for both little boys and girls. The rich color of the burgundy could possibly be considered boyish, but adding a heart is a cute detail that a little girl can totally pull off as well.

The fabric is super thick and soft and it's holding up really well in the wash. The white in particular impresses me because somehow, magically, spots came out in the wash! That never happens in my house. White lasts only momentarily.

The navy blue edging on the onesies is really wide and sits softly on chunky thighs and arms and I'm also thrilled that it's dark in case there's a bit of diaper leakage. The navy blue won't show the smear and I am all about that.

As far as actual fit, they are true-to-size/large. If your kid is a chunk like mine is, it's still a comfortable fit in all areas. If your kid is lanky, you might want to step down a size. The snaps are very strong so they won't pop open when you least expect it.

I recommend these highly. They are an ethical purchase that is literally fighting for lives down in Cambodia. What better way to spend your money? You can get 10% off and stay in touch with the mission of this beautiful company if you subscribe to Imagine Goods here at the top of their webpage: https://imaginegoods.com/

Shout-out to Austin, Andi, and Oliver for having the kindest spirits in their family, the most pinteresty home, and willingness to get up early with us to take pictures together.

Shout-out to my sweet boy Gabe for staying clean for 20 minutes, playing so sweetly with baby Oliver, and for saying "cheese" whenever I asked him to smile for the camera.

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