North Shore Oahu || Waterfall Destination Wedding

As an avid nature lover, I am always happy to meet clients on rural waterfalls, climb jagged mountains, or wade through murky waters to get to a magical place with my couples.

Steve and Shannelle were willing to go wherever necessary to get a once-in-a-lifetime elopement location. Shannelle rolled her dress up in a backpack and we all hiked through a dark bamboo forest, across a narrow dam, and climbed through fallen trees to reach this waterfall.

As you can see, the view did not disappoint.

This multi-tiered waterfall towered almost 100 feet high and the water was rushing! It was April in Oahu, which is the first month after the "rainy season" so the waterfalls were all very full and we had plenty of mist dousing us as we climbed into the chilly water and scaled the slimy rocks.

Where is this waterfall?

One of the things I appreciate most about my clients is their ability to tease each other and laugh together. This may come through in roasts or in loving jokes at the expense of each other, but many times throughout their elopement, we all just about slipped into the waterfall, just because of laughing too hard.

Enjoy the rest of this elopement gallery from Steve and Shannelle. If you're obsessed in their location and want to be photographed there yourself, send me an inquiry! I'm happy to take you there for your own elopement or adventure honeymoon photos!

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