• Emily Wilkerson

Ocean Camping

I never like things when they're in style. If something is a big deal in pop culture, I am just naturally bored.

I'm bored with the Enneagram. Because everyone is talking about it over coffee and on the internet. I need my space from the Enneagram.

That's because I'm a 7. Yeah, I caved and took the test. I was sick of being profiled for hating cultural trends and band-wagons, so I took the test to avoid being profiled. Profiled myself to avoid being profiled. Seems solid.

I guess a key thing with 7s is that they are always looking for the next big change, trying to be untethered, constantly on the move. Definitely me.

So me, being a bored 7, needed to go somewhere new. A client raved about Cape Henlopen, Delaware, so I ran home and pulled up a tab on Zach's computer, then left it there so he'd ask me if I wanted to go to go there for our anniversary in May.

He asked and I said YEP.

So we packed enough food for 2 weeks (breastfeeding life) and enough clothes for 1 day (needed room for all the food) and we put our phones on airplane mode -we had 4 bars in our campsite- for a few days of blissful chill and hearty exploration.

Least favorite parts:

1 There were 14 flies in our tent at one point. A thing I passionately hate is flies and I will chase them for hours. Zach can kill them with his bare hands so I am glad I married well.

2 The gap in the door of the handicapped stall is way too wide and I had prolonged eye contact with a kid when I was in there.

3 Firewood in the town of Lewes was a dollar a piece. So we quite literally burned a lot of money. Bring your own wood.

Favorite parts (Gotta end on a high note!):

1 The bathrooms rocked. They were clean, the water was hot. There were curtains in the showers.

2 The terrain is incredible. Cacti and pine trees growing peacefully together! Sand dunes everywhere!

3 The tourism options are GOOD. There's a nature center near the campsites. You can go to the historic town of Lewes for all kinds of great food/history, and there's a fort with old war barracks, canons, and lookout towers so if you get tired of relaxing you can be a tourist. You can also take a cruise ship from Lewes to Cape May, which is apparently an equally attractive place to vacation. Your car can come in the ship too which is so amazingly convenient.

5 stars out of 5! Because it was beautiful and the inconveniences were part of the adventure. We're definitely going back.


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