Philadelphia Murals Photo Session: Super Fun Urban Wedding Portraits

Philadelphia is known for four things:

1) Being "The city of love"

2) The Eagles and the antics of Eagles fans

3) "Philly Cheese Steaks"

4) Murals.

There are hundreds of murals scattered throughout Philadelphia. So much so, that there are many "Philadelphia Murals Tours" services available in the city, as it's one of the main attractions to see in Philadelphia!

Celia and Josh live in "Philly" as locals call it, and so when they got married, they decided to travel to downtown Philly for destination wedding photos.

We walked about two miles that day and captured dozens of mural portraits! Here are just a few of the bride's favorite photos and murals.

We started out in their neighborhood and strolled to one of their favorite cafes.

After that, we headed to a rose grove in inner-city Philadelphia.

Of course, if we didn't visit a mural about love in downtown Philadelphia, was it even a wedding portrait session?

I call it fate, but see the sticky note heart up above the mural? I didn't even realize it was there until the editing process!

Once we finished up at the "Do What you Love" Mural, we hopped in an Uber and went to the Philadelphia Art Museum to overlook the Philadelphia skyline.

After gracing the steps for our photo session on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, we headed home to Celia and Josh's apartment for some quiet photos of them in their natural setting.

But of course, the "photo of the day" if you will, is this portrait with Kobe. Because if you're not having fun at your photo session, you're not doing it right!

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