Philadelphia Water Works Evening Wedding

Philadelphia is situated on the water, and as you enjoy the evening breeze you may spot passing boatmen row by.

My personal favorite spot in Philadelphia is alongside the Fairmount Waterworks. It's a wedding venue and it's a lovely, quiet place, yet close to the bustle of the city. It's quite honestly one of my favorite places to shoot in general, because the surrounding park is very lovely, has a fantastic view, and any time of day, the pavilions look wonderful!

Enjoy this evening wedding gallery, complete with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. It's the perfect place to sneak off away from your guests and enjoy a private moment together, or a perfect place to celebrate an anniversary or other significant occasion.

I make it a point to create an "art shot" with my sessions, right at the end when everyone is feeling quite comfortable. For this one, I had Yiannis walk straight toward Allison, but I let Yiannis blur into a smudge for a nostalgic feeling to the portrait.

Of course, we had to head to the art museum before we went home. It's too lovely to pass up the massive pillars and stunning view.

But before too long, we headed back to the Fairmount Waterworks to catch the blue light of the evening to the soft music of the wedding in the background.

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