Engagement Photo Session | Brooklyn, Boston, Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

I'd love to take a moment to place this couples session on my permanent blog! This session was incredibly fun, as these two people had just met. They were mutual friends of mine, and a fog rolled in from nowhere. Being a wedding photographer, I can't resist photographing a gorgeous couple when I get the chance. I asked them to step in front of my camera for a few moments to create a true art piece with Los Angeles and Brooklyn vibes.

I am told time and time again that my aesthetic is distinctly "European hipster," and my ideal couples find me from coast to coast, from Brooklyn New York to Eagle Rock or Silver Lake (Near Los Angeles.)

It's probably true, as the majority of my magazine features are in UK based magazines and I tend to work with very fashion-forward couples who prioritize style.

So anyway, here are two essential strangers who stepped in front of my camera to model for me in a deep mist. I wanted to share it as an encouragement to anyone who feels uncomfortable in front of a camera. If two acquaintances can meet for the first time and model as a convincing couple with actual chemistry, anyone can be photographed in a meaningful way. You just need to work with a photographer who can work with your personalties and guide you well!

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