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Rock n' Roll Wedding

Mollie is from Canada and Mason is from Lititz, Pennsylvania. They met in Australia and went through bouts of long distance dating/engagement throughout their relationship. Mason proposed and they set their wedding date for November of last year... and then Mollie's visa fell through and they had to postpone the wedding date by several months! They finally got married one month ago (Happy one month anniversary, you guys!)

Since wedding planning was so difficult for Mollie to plan from Canada as she waited on visa approval, Mason's mom Amy helped her out so much by planning a lot of the big parts of the wedding. Luckily, Amy is a professional events planner so she was epically helpful to everyone around her. (https://simplyeventsinc.com/)

You two make each other laugh, you are kind to each other, you are safe with each other. I loved the one-on-one time I got with you on your wedding day. Not everyone gets to spend one-on-one time with the couple on their wedding day but I am so glad to be among the lucky few.

The new Mr and Mrs were among the first to break in Rock Lititz Pod 2 as a wedding venue! They rented two adjacent suites to get ready in the hotel. https://www.hotelrocklititz.com/

Mollie had a whole survival kit prepped and ready to go for the wedding! Every tiny random thing had a solution in Mollie's kit!

The lighting in the suite where everyone got ready was very flattering for everyone. We all relaxed, ate hors d'oeuvres and let the makeup and hair artists work their magic.

Makeup artist: https://www.premierdesigns.com/lisabling Hair stylist: itshairbysar@gmail.com

That blue velvet chair is just the perfect place for the flowers. Rosemary and Rust did these florals. https://rosemaryandrust.com/

It's standard to hang a dress off the ceiling lamp, right?

Last minute touches before the first looks.

Mollie was raised by her grandmother but they act like sisters!

They make everyone around them laugh.

Next up on the first look list, Mollie's godmother.

Having the guys in the room next door was perfect, so I could pop over as needed!

Almost ready!

Mason's brothers stood beside him as groomsmen on his wedding day. The bar was the perfect place for the men to get their portraits. (Shot by assistant photographer Blythe Hoerr.)

Mollie's one photo request for the whole day was to get a photo of all the significant women in her life praying over her. When you're invited into such an intimate part of someone's life you can only say generic things like "you had to be there" and "it was an honor" because it's truly too difficult to describe the feeling of being welcomed into a place like this.

I was an outsider, an observer of this moment, but I was so warmly welcomed into such a private moment of connection.

Alright, they're ready. It's go time!

Mollie was walked down the aisle by her godfather, who married her to Mason.

The flower girl needed a hand from the mother of the groom, Amy to complete her duties.

Mollie quoted Leslie Knope in her vows to Mason! She said "I like you, I love you, and I just really want to marry you!"

The flower girl sneakily tidied up the flowers during the ceremony.

The whole family gathered around to lay hands on Mason and Mollie, to pray over their marriage.

THEY DO. They're married! Now it's time to celebrate!

Mason dancing with his Mom.

I always give a "best dancer" award when I go through the photos. It's usually a groomsman.

The best portraits come when I whisk the bride and groom away to do some sunset portraits during the reception, when they've danced a little to warm up but before anyone gets too sweaty.

Quick video chat to greet some friends in Australia who weren't able to come to the wedding. They watched it on the livestream!

Major plug for the bakery! They brought Gluten free options! https://bihbakeshop.com/

If you ever see whoopie pies at a wedding, you know you're in South Central Pennsylvania. https://www.lancastercupcake.com/

The Marquis board was such a great touch! Stray always does a great job. https://straypro.com/

If there is a body of water anywhere near your wedding venue, I am going to find it and ask you to jump into it. It's such a great way to unwind after a busy day. You've been planning it for months and dreaming of it for years. What a perfect way to end the best day of your life.

Congratulations, Mason and Molie!

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