Romantic, Classic Wedding in Brick Church | Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Andrew & Lisa. 11/8/2020. Weddings like these always give me pause afterwards as I reflect on my own wedding and marriage, and I feel encouraged watching the way they spent their day, celebrated their love, and by the way they look forward to life together.

The day started and ended with prayer and tears, but the calm before the big day was a lot more peaceful than I am used to. Typically there are still some jitters and small moments of confusion over a small detail gone awry, but Lisa & Andrew's wedding was enveloped in a holy hush of calm and rest. The girls got ready in the attic of the brick church, and the men got ready in the basement.

Lisa's mom was in charge of the dress and the bridesmaids were in charge of single pieces of jewelry all at once. Lisa said she "couldn't do this without you girls" so apparently this is the way it had to be!

She's finally ready! She's already cried four or five times at this point.

Meanwhile, Andrew is waiting for his bride to hold her hand around the corner.

Andrew greeted Lisa's hand specifically with a jolly "hi, hand!" and then after a tearful prayer said "goodbye, hand." and they parted ways. I love when a couple bounces back and forth between sacred moments and goofy moments on their wedding day, because that's life.

The church looks incredible- just wait until you see the pumpkin and succulent table decor and the pillar candles at the reception! The church had gorgeous stained glass windows and the bride and groom hung bistro lights.

The guests are in place, and it's go time.

Andrew is the worship leader at this church and Lisa joined his team, so they chose several of their favorite songs to sing together at their wedding ceremony since worship had brought them together to begin with.

After worship, the couple exchanged rings, prayed with their parents, and shared their first kiss!

Man and wife!!

We headed off to a lake that says "Sunoco lake" on the map but is apparently regionally pronounced by the groom as "Zika," and I still don't know what to call it.

Every now and again I turn a photo upside down for a fresh perspective.

After a beautiful portrait session by the lakeside, it was time for barbecue! The church auditorium had been transformed into a garden during our brief session by the lake. We ate, we danced, and we played the shoe game. The shoe game is played when the newlyweds take off their shoes and holds one of their own shoes, and one of their spouse's shoes. Someone else asks them questions about their history, quirks, or their future together, and the couple raises the shoe of the person who most likely fits the question.

I honestly felt so much like the church had become a European cafe. Candlelight is incredibly good for the overall ambiance! Huge trend for 2021, engaged couples!

After the shoe game, Andrew and Lisa headed out through a fanfare of sparklers to begin their life as Mr & Mrs. Lisa has been posting the most adorable "wifely things" on social media since their wedding day, and it's been so beautiful to watch her gush about her husband Andrew. They have more chemistry and romance than most couples and it's so clear that the Lord brought them together at exactly the right time!

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