• Emily Wilkerson

Springtime Country Wedding

This wedding was meticulously planned by groom and bride, Jon and Kelley, over the course of their seven month engagement. Though they had planned thoroughly and overall very well, when Covid-19 hit, there was still a seemingly endless number of last minute changes and adaptations the couple had to make to accommodate government officials and safety for loved ones. Kelley and Jon had endless grace and kindness during the ups and downs of the pandemic and took each step stride for stride. They were hardly concerned or strained about the back and forth decisions needing to be made even up to the very wedding weekend. They were so pleasant to be around though every hour there was some adjustment needing to be made.

You could say that Kelley was the first bride to ever hire me for her wedding, because way back in college (7 years ago!) when I owned a $300 camera and photography was only a hobby to me, Kelley wanted me to photograph their wedding. She felt that when a photographer has a relationship with their clients, it helps the couple to be comfortable instead of awkward.

The mentality of helping clients feel at ease in front of a camera has shaped the way I approach my couples and get to know them on a level beyond a business transaction. I believe that if a couple is truly feeling comfortable and safe- instead of third wheeled by a stranger with a camera- they need minimal guidance from a quick-thinking professional. If a couple is truly comfortable in front of a camera you can create timeless art with any couple that reminds them of the fun date they had with their significant other, instead of just simply having pretty photos.

It's fortunate for Kelley that she and Jon dated for almost 7 years before getting married, so I had time to become an actual photographer instead of just a friend with a camera. Their wedding day was so joyful! I've been on countless double dates with Jon & Kell, and had so many great conversations with them either individually or as a couple, so I wasn't surprised at all to see how excited and at peace they were when the big day finally came.

Enjoy your honeymoon guys. Love you much. Taco double date with us when you come back!

Enjoy these highlights from their gorgeous wedding day at Springside Barn in East Earl, Pennsylvania.

Look at the groom's Mom's face when she sees Kelley for the first time. She's in the purple on the left. So sweet!

I love a good quality out-of-focus moment! Blurry shots do something new to the emotions.

Happy wedding day, Jon & Kelley. I had the loveliest time celebrating you.

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