Sunrise Elopement in Oahu, Hawaii.

It's April, which in Hawaii, is the first month of the non-rainy season. Which is perfect, because the waterfalls are swelling from the months of rain during the winter of Hawaii.

For months I've been emailing Kara about the perfect sunrise hike on Oahu for her and Jake.

It's finally the elopement day! We're all awake before our alarms because we're so excited about the rising sun and the way it will burn the mist off the mountains.

We meet up with Kara and Jake and leave our cars behind, beginning the 3 mile hike to the top of the mountain. The views below us are going to be the cit of Waikiki, and then the vast Hawaiian wilderness of the island of Oahu. Jagged mountains originally created by volcanic explosions, and fertile forests that draw nutrients from the rich soil of the islands.

It was a challenge to know what to wear, because at 6am when we leave our house, it's pretty chilly. But when we start the hike, we'll warm up and be uncomfortable in long sleeves. Yet at the top of the mountain, it could rain, so we want to be warm enough.

But of course, when we arrive at the top of the mountain, we'll be shivering from the mist and the wind. It will almost definitely be raining at the top.

Then as we climb back down after the elopement, we know it will be 80 degrees and humid. But we have to pack lightly so we can complete the hike. As it is, I have 2 cameras and 3 lenses in my bag, so it's already heavy, and I can't be bringing three different outfits.

Kara snapped this photo of Zach and I when we stopped to take in views and catch our breath a little. Thankfully Zach carried my backpack for me because the hikes in Hawaii are intense.

So we all wear lightweight clothing and add or remove layers as we climb. I sunburn even in the shade so I also bring a hat.

Then we start following the narrow, winding path, moving slowly because it's still dark.

We wander up the mountain waiting for the right view to unfurl from the mist.

Finally, the view I've been told about, the view I've been emailing Kara about, is below us, above us, surrounding us. This is the spot.

Kara and Jake unroll their nice clothes and Kara puts on some light makeup. Then the two of them wander off into the distance, putting a little space between us and them, and the elopement has begun!

When the sun started highlighting the mountain peeks and the mist burned off, we headed back down the mountain slowly and joyfully! It was a thrilling adventure and a beautiful day!

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