The most interesting and sexiest location for your photos

There's a cultural precedent to avoid "bad" weather.

See what I did there? I said "bad weather" and you pictured rain and snow, ruining your fun plans.

I disagree. Rain and snow make you work harder and require you to be more clever with your clothing choices, but they add a romantic texture to your photo session that you should be seeking out, not avoiding.

It's dreamy, isn't it? The hazy streets and the drifting snowflakes?

All you have to do is be a little more resilient and a little more flexible, and your photos can stand out from all the other engagement photos in a sunny field. (Don't get me wrong, I love engagement photos in a sunny field, but there are not nearly enough photos taken in the snow and rain.

But won't I look cold and miserable? There are many tips to keep you warm during a photo session, but really, that burden is on me, the photographer. I'll be directing you and guiding you all the way through, to make sure you stay fun and warm.

While we're on the topic of keeping warm during a photo session, every year I do a massive mini session photo shoot series in a Christmas tree farm and lots of families with young children are there. I'm able to keep them warm, so I'm able to keep you warm as well.

There really isn't a "best setting" for photo sessions in the snow- they look stunning in either natural or urban settings. If both the photographer and the clients are able to get to and from their session safely, I see no reason to reschedule due to challenging weather!

Just look at how fun and iconic these photos are! This photo session was in downtown Lancaster, PA, one of the oldest towns in the united states.

If you love this snowy session, you just have to see this rainy session as well! These are my two favorite sessions from all of last year because these are the only two sessions who braved intense weather with me!

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