Ever since I could read I've loved a good story.

At the heart of each of our films, there's a unique and valuable story being told. Our work is all about combining light, sound, motion, and heart to tell your tale with the perfect blend of emotion and power.

We didn't have a videographer for my wedding day, and it's one of our biggest regrets. Your wedding goes by so fast, and you'll want to make sure you've invested in something that keeps all those memories safe at the end of it. And believe me,

those emotions are something to be remembered. I'm can't help but grin as I watch every couples' video!

We're here to invite your authentic romantic connection into your wedding video, and translate all that chemistry into timeless, cinematic film starring you two.

We're​ a husband and wife team who work in perfect sync to document your wedding day. Who better to film and photograph your wedding day love story than a husband and wife?

A few of my favorite films

Video is available as an addition to any of our wedding photography packages.

Investment for a Fern & Fountain video clients begins at $5000.

Here at Fern & Fountain, we love working as a team, and since we take on a limited number of weddings each year,

we prefer to work with each other whenever we can. When we preserve your wedding memories

through both photo and film, we get a special opportunity to add a chapter to our own adventure together as well!