-Memories done right-

You won't know how valuable your photos are

until they are all you have left.

You are planning the Best Wedding ever and when it's over, 

you want precious imagery that reminds you of your emotions and joyful memories for the rest of your life. You want to see yourself in hindsight looking your very best and remembering how it felt to finally celebrate your wedding day! When you hire Fern & Fountain you don't have to worry about your photography or videography.


Your wedding photography and videography

is your ticket back to the past.

Revisit the joys.

Remind yourself of your vows.

Your photos & film will trigger your most cherished memories.


Brides & grooms have a hard decision. Who will make your memories last? How do you want those memories to look... and feel?

You want to feel joyful and genuine in front of a camera.

Not shy.

Not stiff or posed. 

Not awkward.

We're here to set you at ease and create a safe space. We're here to invite your authentic romantic connection and history into the portrait session, and translate all that chemistry into a timeless image.

When the years roll by, you can go back to the promises and people who matter the most.

Mr & Mrs Buffington May-45.jpg

On your wedding day, you want to feel

confident, comfortable and joyful- especially

when the cameras come around. 


Over time, your photography and videography will improve your memory of your wedding day and make your marriage grow stronger. We're here to celebrate with you and artfully portray your genuine emotion, your authentic self, and what makes you unique. Your memories and feelings will shine through your wedding photo and video gallery.



Brides, grooms, and their closest loved ones want their memories to last forever. We're here to capture the feelings of the day and honor the authenticity and personality of your life-changing event.


Every couple wants to feel natural- and even enjoy- being in front of the camera! Of course! We'll coach you and faithfully find your most flattering angles, and unobtrusively document the quietly intimate, authentic moments of connection with your loved ones.


We're here to document your raw emotion and all your joyful moments because your wedding and marriage matter to us.

as seen on:

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Jp & Aubs-453.jpg


- the story of a moment -

Inviting your personality to shine.

Unposed, un-faked, genuinely pleasant experience for you & yours. Stylish wedding photography with rich, earthy tones. Genuine moments of authentic emotion and joyful, personal candid moments

of your unique day.

"Emily was so intentional and I loved how she let us be us, but also was a wonderful guide.

She helped us to have such sweet moments captured on camera." -Kelsey


-make it move-

When you want to relive the action over and over,

it's time to get it filmed. 

We're​ a husband and wife team who work in perfect sync to document your wedding day. Who better to film and photograph your wedding day love story than a husband and wife?


We are Zach and Emily (and that's Gabe!). We own Fern & Fountain, a traveling handcrafted photography and film company focused on joy-sparking imagery. We're passionate about marriage and your whole life together and we know the photos and film we give to you will bring you back to day one in sickness and health, for richer and for poorer, 'til death do you part.

We work tirelessly to make you feel comfortable in front of the lens. You'll actually enjoy the photography and videography experience as a fun highlight of your wedding day, instead of having to ask "so... what do you want us to do..?" while you wait for us to wrap it up so you can party! We party with you, we document your wedding with photojournalistic storytelling photos and & video, we help you relax so your personality shines through the gallery. We see the timeless little in-between candid moments that express your love story and your life. 

"Perfect and fun! Emily made us laugh and enjoy ourselves and just feel stress free. The poses were relaxed and he captured moments unforgettable!"


"I'm amazed at how well Emily was able to capture

the moment so intimately while not being invasive

in the least."


"Looking back at the photos that Emily captured

 you can see that our laughs and smiles are genuine

and raw. It's exactly what I wanted!"


We believe that the photographer and videographer at your wedding should inspire confidence and draw out genuine moments of raw emotion and true joy while coaching you through the photography experience so you feel off-guard and natural and look your best. You should feel confident, comfortable, and close to your loved one because that's what truly makes a photo timeless; the memory behind the image.


A properly guided photo-taking experience is a highlight of a wedding day. It should be one of the most tender, intimate, relaxing memories of your entire wedding! And that's why we're here. Based in Pennsylvania and traveling along the East Coast and Midwest as well as over to Dublin, Essex, Devon, Wales, London and even down to South America!


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