I was originally drawn to Emily's work because of the way it made me feel. I was looking at photographs from random peoples' weddings and I felt like I was there, like I knew them.


At our wedding, she did not merely take pictures, she captured moments. The photographs literally take me back to the wedding day.

-2020 bride, multiethnic wedding ceremony in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Serving couples in love worldwide, we travel to Hawaii to Colorado to Wisconsin to Ireland - we follow love stories wherever they are found. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Only accepting consultations for 8 more 2022 clients!

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When you hire Fern & Fountain as your photographer, you don't have to worry about feeling camera stage fright or how to "look good" in front of a camera. 

We'll guide you and capture your memories in a way that is effortlessly, candidly, authentically, you....

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Modern 1920's Gatsby Wedding

"Listen, Jaime." Steve paused before he spoke the next words into his phone. "I don't want to come across too forward, but do we want to tell our grandchildren our first date was in somewhere like Chicago, or do we want to tell them our first date was in Las Vegas?"

When Steve and Jaime decided to meet in person after feeling a mutual attraction through a dating site, the last thing they wanted was to have a lame love story.

Steve convinced Jaime to catch a flight to Las Vegas from Texas for their first in-person date, and Steve flew in from Michigan.


Multi-cultural wedding, Portuguese & English

When bride Ashley, and groom, Thiago, became engaged, they were citizens of different countries in a pre-pandemic world, which is already a challenging path.


But when the pandemic struck, it wasn't just laws or visas that stood in the way of the couple. The couple now had to navigate the task of gathering their loved ones together so they could have the wedding day they deserved, in the midst of ever-changing mandates and politics.


As your wedding photographer, we are here to help

you feel your wedding day... 50 years down the road.
In the first phone call with Fern & Fountain, most couples say they are uncomfortable with the camera, but they want their wedding photos to be natural and capture the emotion and love between each other and their families.

Couples don't want their memories to fade. Couples want to feel their wedding again and again and again...


And I don't mean "remember," I mean really feel.

It matters how you feel when a camera comes out, because that's what you'll feel

every time you look back at that picture.

You want to be comfortable around your photographer so you can be your

joyful and genuine self in your wedding images. 

We're here to set you at ease and create a comfortable space for stunning

images you can savor for a lifetime.


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Oh hey there!

We are Zach and Emily! We own Fern & Fountain,

a traveling handcrafted photography and film company focused on joy-sparking imagery. We're passionate about marriage and your whole life together and we know the photos and film we give to you will bring you back to day one in sickness and health, for richer and for poorer, 'til death do you part.

We work tirelessly to make you feel comfortable in front of the lens. You'll actually enjoy the photography and videography experience as a fun highlight of your wedding day, instead of having to ask "so... what do you want us to do..?" while you wait for us to wrap it up so you can party! We party with you, we document your wedding with photojournalistic storytelling photos & video, we help you relax so your personality shines through the gallery. We see the timeless little in-between candid moments that express your love story and your life.

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Destination Wedding?

Or Traditional Wedding?

What's right for me?

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